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IVF/IUI & Other Art Therapies

Acupuncture Research Has Shown to Benefit Not Only How You Feel While Undergoing IVF ... But To Greatly Enhance Your Chances of Success.

Studies Have Shown Acupuncture To Assist IVF / IUI / Medicated Cycles:

  • Improve embryo transfer during IVF and implantation rates 1
  • Increase pregnancy rates by up to 50%2
  • Enhance egg quality and ovarian reserve, helping to produce healthier eggs during IVF2
  • Improve uterine blood flow and lining, & regulation reproductive hormone levels 2
  • Improve Sperm Quality (motility, morphology and count)3
  • Reduce anxiety associated with infertility4
  • Decrease IVF side effects5
  • Prevent miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss6

Acupuncture & IVF Success Rates

For more references, citations, and articles please view our research section

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In-Vitro Acupuncture In The News

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