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Cancellation Policy

We have a 48 hour reschedule/cancellation policy for new and returning appointments. Patients will be charged a cancellation fee of $65 for the first missed appointment or an appointment that is rescheduled or canceled without required notice. Patients will be charged in full for all subsequent missed appointments or appointments that are cancelled without required notice.

If you are scheduled for an embryo transfer, or going through an IVF stimulation and your appointment is changed or cancelled there will be no charge.

Notice of Privacy of Practice

This practice is required to provide our patients with notice of our privacy practices with respect to your protected personal information collected from this website.  

** Download a a pdf version of the privacy of practice policy here **


To maintain the highest safety standards we do not offer refunds on the sale of herbal prescriptions or supplements. Each prescription is unique and prescribed to be used by one patient alone.

Billing & Accounts

If you have any questions about billing or outstanding balances please contact our billing & accounting department. We are very happy to help answer any of your questions.


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