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Fertility Quiz

Fertility Quiz

What do you know about your fertility?

Here are some questions to consider when assessing if it is time to consider taking a more proactive approach to optimizing fertility.

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Have you had unprotected intercourse for over one year without getting pregnant? *
Are you over 35 years old and have had unprotected intercourse for more than six months without getting pregnant? *
Have you been treated with Clomid/letrozole without a successful pregnancy? *
Are you at or over the age of 38 and planning a pregnancy for the future? *
Do you have a family history of polycystic ovaries or endometriosis and are planning a pregnancy for the future? *
Do you have a history miscarriages or chemical pregnancies? *
Have you been diagnosed with any uterine abnormalities in the lining or other structural defects? *
Have you had a prior pelvic surgery? *
Have you been previously diagnosed with PCOS or any other fertility imbalances? *
Are your menstrual cycle irregular (greater than 35 days, or less than 24 days)? *
Have you been diagnosed with poor egg quality? *
Do you have painful or heavy periods? *
Are you emotionally exhausted by the challenges of fertility and trying to conceive? *