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Natural Conception

Tree of Life Acupuncture's Approach to Reaching Fertility Success

Conception occurs when the right conditions happen at the right time. Attaining these optimal conditions is different for every couple. It is important to look at the whole body and how it is functioning when assessing how to restore optimal fertility health. Our treatments don’t aim to make a person fertile but to uncover blockages and bring out your fertility.

The health and well-being of your entire body are crucial when preparing to conceive naturally. How you think, eat, and exercise will help determine how prepared your body is to create another life. Although we focus on restoring optimal function of the reproductive organs, our main treatments focus on your overall health. As your overall heath increases your fertility will simultaneously increase. For conception to occur there needs to be enough of you to create another.

As a general rule, balance is the best approach when assessing what your body needs. Too much exercise can be as harmful as too little, and too many supplements can lead to toxicity whereas too few can leave the body deficient of what it needs.

We recommend you, “live your life at the speed as if you are pregnant now." Awareness of your body's needs, and trusting what you know will help lead you to the right treatments for you.

We will provide you with specialized recommendations focusing on: diet, exercise, nutrient balance, fertility stretches, and often recommend other specialists to provide coaching for fertility success.

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