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Postpartum Care

Postpartum Acupuncture Care
Postpartum Care Is As Important As Prenatal And Fertility Treatments.

The process of delivery and child birth can often leave the mother's body deficient as she regains her strength.  In some cases, when delivery is prolonged or a larger quantity of blood is lost it becomes even more important to continue postpartum care.

Breastfeeding is often an important part of mother and baby bonding, and there is evidence that mothers milk has incredible benefits for the growing baby development.  If you are going to be breastfeeding it is important to eat a balanced diet for the body to produce an adequate milk supply without over taxing the mother's body.  If the mother's constitution is deficient, we often recommend acupuncture and/ or Chinese herbs to supplement her care.

Chinese Medicine Can Benefit Many Common Postpartum Conditions Such As:
  • Breast Feeding Problems
    • Insufficient Lactation
    • Blocked Ducts
    • Mastitis
  • Postpartum Pains
    • Back Pain
    • Body Pain
    • Abdominal / Pelvic Soreness
    • Baby Blues
    • Postpartum Depression
    • Uterine Prolapse
    • Persistent Lochiorrhea (continues for more that 2-3 weeks)
    • Urinary Incontinence & Retention
    • Bowel Irregularities
    • Fatigue & Exhaustion
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