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Miscarriage Prevention

Miscarriage, Pregnancy Loss, and Acupuncture

Fertility refers not only to the ability to conceive but also includes the ability to carry a pregnancy to full term. Often fertility treatments may focus on the initial goal of getting pregnancy, and sustaining pregnancy may take a back seat. 

The quality of the pre-embryo plays a large role in determining the development & progression of the rest of the pregnancy.  The quality of the embryo is directly related to the sperm and egg that fused to form it, and the quality of the sperm and egg gamate depend on the men and women that make them. 

Miscarriage refers to pregnancy loss after conception has produced measurable amounts of hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in the blood or urine, or the fetus has developed a gestational sac or a heart beat is visible on ultrasound.


It is estimated that 25-50 percent of conceptions produce healthy pregnancies.  Of those pregnancies that are lost roughly 75 percent are due to implantation failure and are not clinically recognized as miscarriages.  Based on this information, conception often goes unnoticed, and the embryo is lost before a woman knows she is pregnant. 


This is what is commonly referred to as a miscarriage and occurs after the embryo has successfully implanted and has been diagnosed by a pregnancy test or by ultrasound. Defective embryos often reflect abnormalities in the egg or the sperm, faults in the fertilization process, or just a random occurrence as the embryo develops.

There is growing evidence that age of both partners plays a role in miscarriage rates and successful pregnancies.  There are many possible causes of pregnancy loss and recurrence of miscarriage. It is important to evaluate diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors that can often be a factor.  

Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine is effective in stabilizing pregnancy after conception and treating pre-conception fertility health to improve sperm and egg quality, balance hormones, and improve the uterine environment.

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