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Acupuncture & IVF Success Rate

Acupuncture & IVF - Success Rate Statistics

Based upon scientific research, what is the rate of success for acupuncture helping IVF/IUI?

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Palus et al,2002 (1)

160 Women
Age ?32

Acupuncture:80? Control:80

Acupuncture right before & after Embryos

Acu group had a higher pregnancy rate (42.5%vs26.3%)

Dieterle et at,2006 (2)

225 Women
Age ?34.9

Control:Placebo ?Acu(Sham points)109

group no Acupuncture

Acupuncture right Before & right After Embryo Transfer, plus one session 3 days post transfer

Acu group compared had a significantly higher pregnancy rates (33.6% vs 16.5%) and an ongoing pregnancy rate of (28.4% vs 13.8%)

Westergaard et al, 2006 (3)

273 Women
Age 37

Acu group?Control group:no Acu

Acupuncture right before & after Embryos Transfer, plus 2 days post Embryos Transfer.

Acu group compared to control had significantly higher clinical and ongoing pregnancy rate (39%vs26% and 36%vs 22%)

Stenervictorin et al, 1999 (4)

150 Women
Age 34.4

Control group

One acupuncture before and until the end of oocyte aspiration

Acu had significantly higher implantation rate (27.2%vs16.3), pregnancy rate (45.9%vs28.3%), and take-home baby rate (41% vs 19.4%)

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