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Pre-Birth Acupuncture

Acupuncture Treatment During Pregnancy

Pre-Birth treatment involves a series of four treatments weekly from 35 to 36 weeks to prepare the body for an efficient labor. Points are used according to a woman's constitution and pregnancy history.

Our pregnancy massage tables make it possible to receive a comfortable and relaxing treatment providing access to areas necessary for treatment.  Our patients often say they haven't been this comfortable in months.

Pre-Birth Acupuncture Treatments Focus On:
  • Ripening the cervix
  • Helping maintain the baby in the best presentation for labor
  • Promoting optimal energy and stamina for women to enter into labor
What Research is telling us about Pre Birth Acupuncture:

Data on 169 women was gathered by 14 midwives as part of their midwifery practice in Wellington, New Zealand. It found that when comparing all caregivers such as midwives, GP's and specialists, for those women who had received prebirth acupuncture, there was:

  • An overall 35% reduction in the number of inductions (for women having their first baby this was a 43% reduction)
  • A 31% reduction in the epidural rate
When comparing midwifery only care to women receiving prebirth acupuncture there was a:
  • 32% reduction in emergency cesarean delivery
  • 9 % increase in normal vaginal births
  • There was no difference in the onset of early labor in those women receiving prebirth acupuncture.

Source:  Debra Betts Website

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