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Fertility Acupuncture

Many of our patients come to us having been labeled with the diagnosis of "infertility.” We view this difficulty conceiving as a fertility imbalance. These imbalances can hinder and cover your natural fertility. Our treatments aim to restore balance within the body to provide the framework for your fertility to come to the surface and for conception to occur.

Acupuncture For Fertility

Tree of Life Acupuncture in Bellevue, providing fertility acupuncture & herbs to treat infertility and improve chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.
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IVF/IUI & Other Art Therapies

Acupuncture research has shown to benefit not only how you feel while undergoing IVF, but also to greatly enhance your chances of success.
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Natural Conception

Conception occurs when the right conditions happen at the right time. Our treatments don't aim to make a person fertile, but to uncover blockages, and bring out your fertility.
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Prenatal & Pregnancy Support

Prenatal preparation is vital to ensure the optimal health in both partners in the period leading up to conception and the mother's health during pregnancy. A focus on prenatal preparation and care can do a great deal to enhance fetal growth and minimize risk.
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