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Our Philosophy

One of the great strengths of Tree Of Life acupuncture is our dedication to the integration and collaboration between Western & Eastern medicine. The length and duration of appointment times allow us time to get to know you and your personal case, and we also work closely with your fertility doctor to manage your case and make sure you are getting cohesive care.  We believe that this model of integrated care translates into an increase in healthy pregnancy rates and higher patient satisfaction.

Our fertility acupuncture treatments provide a comprehensive assessment for both partners wanting to conceive. It is the overall health of each partner, which reflects the true fertility potential of a couple and the quality of the embryo to implant.

Many of our patients come to us having been labeled with the diagnosis of "infertility.” We view this difficulty conceiving as a fertility imbalance. These imbalances can hinder and cover your natural fertility. Our treatments aim to restore balance within the body to provide the framework for your fertility to come to the surface and for conception to occur.

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