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Acupuncture & IVF Benefits

The Benefits of Acupuncture & IVF

Acupuncture research has shown to benefit not only how you feel while undergoing IVF ... but to greatly enhance your chances of success.
Acupuncture & IVF Services Offered

Studies Have Shown Acupuncture To Assist IVF / IUI / Medicated Cycles:

  • Improve embryo transfer during IVF and implantation rates 1
  • Increase pregnancy rates by up to 50%2
  • Enhance egg quality and ovarian reserve, helping to produce healthier eggs during IVF2
  • Improve uterine blood flow and lining, & regulation reproductive hormone levels 2
  • Improve Sperm Quality (motility, morphology and count)3
  • Reduce anxiety associated with infertility4
  • Decrease IVF side effects5
  • Prevent miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss6

    Acupuncture & IVF Success Rates
For more references, citations, and articles please view our research section.

For questions about Acupuncture & IVF see our Frequently Asked Question page on the subject.

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