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E.G. Testimonial

After a three year roller coaster of unsuccessful fertility treatments my husband and I were feeling emotionally depleted and skeptical about continuing on with the same course of treatment. I decided to give my body a rest and to take care of myself for a few months before deciding what to do next. Part of this self-care was weekly acupuncture treatment at Tree of Life. I wished I had started this much sooner for two reasons. First, Dr. Handlin was very aware of the emotional and physical toll such treatments take on women. He truly listened to my concerns and treated me as a whole person (something I don't feel many doctors accomplish) and helped me reflect on what was the best course of action to take for me and my family. Because of his unique perspective, having worked with so many couples and being a part of their team of support, he was able to guide me in the right direction pairing eastern and western medicine. The second reason was because of the acupuncture treatment itself. Tree of Life felt so comfortable that I was able to relax and meditate for an hour every week knowing that at the same time my body was getting treatment that would increase my chances at conception. Thankfully, with Dr. Handlin's guidance and support, we tried IVF one more time and now have a beautiful and thriving three week old baby boy.

E.G. | Seattle, WA