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Male Factor Treatment Plan

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture treatments have been shown to significantly enhance sperm quality and count. The sperm life cycle from creation to ejaculation takes anywhere between 70-90 days, so it is important to begin treatment 3 months in before trying to conceive to achieve optimal results.


The production of semen is closely related to proper nutrition.  When essential substances are deficient, the production of semen can be greatly affected.  Including some of these essential nutrients is an important aspect improving the semen quality, count, morphology, and motility. 

Lifestyle Modifications 

Excessive sexual activity, interrupted intercourse can cause congestion in the urethra and prostate gland, and standing for long periods of time can cause local congestion in the genital organs.  It is also recommend to avoid exposing the testes to excessive heat such as hot baths, laptop computers, and tight briefs.    

A man's predominant psychological state and emotions has also been shown to be a factor in seminal fluid productions.  A man who suffers from high stress and depression may also show a lower sperm count.

Dietary Recommendations

In general the diet should be light and nutritious, eating clean organic foods.  One of the most important factors in developing health sperm is the importance of avoiding damaging chemicals.  Sperm are very sensitive to the effects of chemicals in the food and environment.  Eating organic and avoiding fumes is recommended for a man with a low sperm count, or too many abnormal sperm forms.

Interested in starting treatments to enhance fertility?

If you are a patient or interested in becoming a patient and would like more information on things you can start doing today, please contact us with your request & we will email or fax you a copy of the specified fertility fact sheet.