Acupuncture & Seattle Reproductive Medicine

Struggling with fertility challenges and going through assisted reproductive therapies such as IVF, IUI, clomid/femera or other medicated cycles? Acupuncture can greatly enhance your current treatment and increase your chance of a successful full-term pregnancy. Current research show acupuncture can to assist in:

  • Follicular Development & Ovarian Responsiveness
  • Healthy Uterine Lining to Assist Implantation
  • Regulating Reproductive Hormones
  • Promoting Healthy Ovulation & Reduce Stress
  • Increase Sperm Quality & Quantity
  • Prevent Uterine Contractions
  • Decrease The Chances Of Miscarriage
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Seattle Reproductive Medicine (SRM) and Northwest Center for Reproductive Medicine (NCRS) have recently merged to create the largest center for fertility and reproductive endocrinology in the Northwest. This group of 15 doctors and practitioner offers world class quality service to assist couples along their fertility journey building a family.

At Tree Of Life Acupuncture -Fertility & Women's Health we are dedicated to providing highest quality evidence-based service to support couples going through the IVF process. We provide experienced specialized treatments to assist all aspects of fertility and increase your odds of a full-term healthy pregnancy.

Acupuncture & IVF Services

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