When is the best time to start treatment?

In many cases when there is a fertility challenge or delayed conception, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can increase a successful outcome in a shorter period.  Although it is beneficial to begin optimizing for conceptions and healthy pregnancy several months before conception, in many cases this may not be an option.  We recommend starting treatments as soon as you feel ready as we begin treatment at every phase of the menstrual cycle.  

Is there a common cause?

When looking at the common causes of infertility from a Chinese medicine perspective, it is important to consider some primary factors that can lead to fertility imbalances.  We want to look at the whole picture to see what are the biggest factors that may be contributing to a delay in conception.  The goal of treatment is to prepare a woman's body to be receptive to conception.  While there is no one ideal body type for conception, there are often many factors that can help assist a successful outcome.  From a Chinese medicine perspective creating a warm, supportive, enveloping uterine environment is one of many factors that can enhance success.  

How can we help?

Increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, increasing overall body circulation and balancing hormones for healthy follicle development and ovulation are factors that not only aid conception but help to increase full term healthy pregnancy.  Decreasing the daily and fertility stress on the body help not only to assist healthy blood flow but also aims to resolve factors that can prevent or delay pregnancy. 

Improving your emotional well-being and assessing other dietary or lifestyle factors that could be contributing to fertility challenges is an important part of acupuncture treatment when optimizing fertility.  

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If you are interested in acupuncture, consider an initial consultation to ask questions and learn more how Chinese medicine may benefit you!