PCOS Diet - 10 Step

Source: Colette Harris & Theresa Chung - The Ultimate PCOS Handbook

Here are the first 3 Steps to the PCOS diet ...

1. Eat More Often

Eating more often helps to increase your metabolic rate and stabilize blood sugar levels. When there are long periods between meals the body will hold on to calories, which will have an effect to reduce your metabolic rate and increase fat storage. 

With longer periods between meals the blood sugar levels drop which increase your cravings for snacks high in calories that are likely to elevate insulin levels leading to an increased risk of insulin resistance. 

2. Eat Whole foods When Possible

Whole foods are full on nutrients and fiber will no added chemicals. This makes it easy for you body to get the necessary nutrients without having to separate out the harmful chemicals. 

Whole foods are also high in fiber which aids the digestive system and can be beneficial to women with PCOS because it is thought to prevent excess estrogen from being reabsorbed in the blood. A high fiber diet can also reduce the risk of insulin resistance by slowing the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar.

3. Monitor Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is high in calories and low in nutrients which enter the blood stream and stimulate the release of insulin. This increase of insulin can trigger PCOS symptoms. To goal is not to cut out sugars completely but aim to get sugars from whole foods and unrefined complex carbohydrates. Sugar is often hidden in the foods we eat, so it can be helpful look into the ingredients and make up of the food. When you are craving something sweet. A little sugar is still ok. The best natural sweeteners are made from fruit juice of fresh fruit.

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