We look at fertility as the natural state within the body, not infertility.  Our treatment is focused on uncovering and removing the blockages that can hinder fertility health. If there is overall health and balance within the body then fertility health will follow.

While the majority of our patients do get pregnant, the treatment and the length of time it takes to conceive and carry a full term pregnancy vary greatly. On average we often see successful results between three to six months. While some of our patients conceive in less than three months, some patients may need more than six months to achieve the necessary balance within the body to carry a full term pregnancy.

While I know this can often be overwhelming and seem like a big commitment, our experience shows that this is the shortest path to pregnancy success.

While conception is the first focus of treatment the main goal is a healthy pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby. Similar to success rates of many Western treatments is important to consider that not all of our patients conceive. Our goal is to regulate your reproductive hormones, enhance ovarian follicles, and restore balance within the body to improve your chances of becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby.

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